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Meyersdal Nature Estate is a very upmarket and exclusive private residential estates for the discerning individual insisting on the highest standards of living, security and safety, while enjoying the splendour of the natural environment.

The 300ha Meyersdal Nature Estate forms part of the larger 1080ha Meyersdal Nature Area. Offering a safe and secure environment on 272 large stands - ranging from 900m2 to 2000m2 – only 15% of the nature area is developed. Only 10 minutes south of Johannesburg - an environmental paradise with wide open unspoiled nature areas. With its walking and mountain bike trails Meyersdal Nature Estate affords nature lovers close contact with the natural environment and creates a lifestyle that enhances the relationship between man and nature while preserving and protecting endangered fauna and flora species of the larger 1080ha nature area. With its unspoiled undulating hills and scenic beauty Meyersdal Nature Estate promise to be one of the most sought after eco- and nature estates in South Africa.

The beautiful landscaped areas, using indigenous plants only, adds to the aesthetic beauty and vistas of the estate. Supporting biodiversity principles, game species ranging from eland to steenbok, which occurred historically in the area have been reintroduced in the nature area. The estate has thus far recorded 127 bird species, 28 species of reptile, 5 fish species and a magnitude of plant and insect life.

Living amongst wildlife in a true nature estate is a lifestyle dream for residents supporting a philosophy whereby man lives in harmony with nature. This is achieved by careful design of houses, sensitive landscaping, energy efficiency and general conservation principals. In order to protect, conserve and maintain the natural beauty of Meyersdal Nature Estate an Environmental and Wildlife Management Plan has been implemented to ensure the sustainability of this exclusive natural environment for the next generation.

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